gotta love them Hawaii Boys

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Anonymous asked: if there's 25 of you... how can NONE of you post at least one fricken picture???


you are speaking to the queen of sassiness, so I am not even going to give a sassy remark back because I feel as though this question is self explanatory.

1. the whole “hawaii boys” thing was just something we did for fun last year.

2. The whole fad of tumblr has also died down. 

3. we post pictures that get submitted and no one submits anything good anymore. 

4. Why don’t you go make a page? it might keep you occupied instead of writing questions to a tumblr page that no one uses anymore.

5. I’m just on here because I was listening to some music on tumblr.

Hugs and Kisses :) :) :)

- love the Queen of Sass.

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Fuck this shit.

I am so fucking over everything already.

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Anonymous asked: So i noticed every boy you post has abs, muscles or good looking. Well im fat, ugly, and weak. BUT im from hawaii, will i be posted?


In my opinion, some of the most attractive men dont hav abs, muscles or good looks.

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